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'Bout That Bushman

My name is Jared Rolston. God blessed me with a beautiful wife, Melissa. She has given me four beautiful kids. For work, I run a small-scale production forestry crew. You might hear about that from time to time. My wife is a stay-at-home mother, homeschooling/discipling each of our kids from the day they were given into our care.

I grew up in a Christian household but rejected my parent's faith in my early teens. After a couple of to and fros in and out of the church I eventually became a drunkard. At rock bottom and terribly depressed, I found "The Shocking Youth Message" by Paul Washer on YouTube. I believe God saved me through that gospel message, and he turned me from an unmarriable mess to a Dad who loves his God-given duties. This is what made the lumberjack jolly. Soli Deo Gloria.

I enjoy playing music, song-writing, writing kids fiction, poetry, theology, reading with the wife, and pretty much every sport. We've got some great Christian friends, and there is not much better than having them in our home and at our table for food and fellowship.

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