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Expert Historian Gives His Psychic Speculations Regarding Tamaki

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

They Brought On Another Expert

I heard an expert butt-kisser smooching on the rear end of an anti-Tamaki radio host today. Peter Lineham was his name. A religious historian from Massey University, apparently. They love to have these "experts" on shows like this, and Peter was the one appointed to address the Brian Tamaki imprisonment with authority and... without bias (LOL!). We were supposed to go "Ooooo!" and "Ahhhhh!" when we heard his credentials. But when he opened his educated mouth, he did not wax eloquent with interesting insights drawn from his vast knowledge of history. What we got throughout the broadcast were the gross sounds of two men pleasing each other as they "boldly" ran down the most hated man in the country. I know I haven't made it sound very appealing, but have a listen if you want to know what I'm referring to.

If Ever A Wiz There Was

Apparently, Peter Lineham's knowledge of history is so strong that it gives him psychic powers. The professor claimed to know the motivations of a man who was miles away from him both in distance and political opinion. Although Pastor Tamaki said that he didn't want to be put in jail unjustly and hoped that the police would do the right thing, Peter knew, with the wizardry of an expert, that Brian Tamaki actually thought that going to jail was "appealing". That would make him look like a martyr, and that's what any Martin Luther King Jr. copycat would want for himself, so he reckons. After all, it was around Martin Luther King day that Pastor Tamaki was arrested. Coincidence? He thinks not. His conspiracy theory supports the left's narrative, so it's a legit one.

But like all psychics, Peter is a fraud, confidently spouting off things he couldn't have known, all for his own gain. The government thugs appear to have the Pastor down on the ground at the moment, so he's joining in with the boot to look good for the bullies and to show his alliance with them. There are plenty of Brian Tamaki haters in New Zealand that would love to see another man exercise their bullying abilities on him. There is more to gain from publically trashing him than supporting him.

But while Peter was on national radio shamelessly sharing his speculations that would have appeal to the masses, he claimed that Pastor Tamaki was the one trying to boost his reputation. Was it for the money that you rang into the radio, Peter? Or were you selflessly giving your expert time to educate us with your wild guesses?

The Nature of Things

Peter thinks he's cleverly pointing out that Pastor Tamaki's supporters will love him more for going to jail. But of course Brian Tamaki's supporters will love him for his willingness to suffer imprisonment for our cause. Is there something wrong with that? Is there a way to sacrifice yourself for others and not be admired for it?

What Peter fails to point out, is that this is the nature of all public actions. You will have both supporters and detractors. By stepping out in public, both Peter and Brian will be judged by the public for their actions. So what is there to lose, and what is there to gain for both of them? Could Peter be gaining more love and attention from his supporters by publically dissing Brian Tamaki? Of course. Peter is doing the popular thing on a national level, and Brian is doing the unpopular thing. Peter will pay no price and will be appreciated by many. Brian goes to prison and is loved by a few.

Christians Behaving Shamefully

The real question is, which of their actions were virtuous? Peter passed by the human rights issues in our country like a Pharisee would a robbed man on the side of the street. Brian learned to be a good Samaritan from Scripture and saw that, at this moment, he had to get his hands dirty and tend to the wounds of many. And now, Peter has the gall to look back over his shoulder toward the Samaritan, and with the pomp of the self-righteous approved class, says, "He's doing it for his own glory." Without providing a shred of evidence to support him, he imputed several twisted motives to a man, shamelessly slandering him from his exalted position as a Christian university professor. It's repulsive behavior for an older man who claims the name of Christ.

Peter Lineham, you need to repent and ask Brian Tamaki for his forgiveness. I'm sure he would give it. We see very little of this today, and it would be a powerful gesture that would honor the God of forgiveness and reconciliation.

A Lesson For Us All

Much more could be said about this three-minute radio clip, but I want to finish by highlighting a lesson that we all can all take from this, then give my readers two encouragements before this post gets too long.

So far Peter Lineham has been the one I've had in the spotlight, but many from my own side could be charged with the same imputing of motives and sharing wild and harmful speculations of others. I'm thinking of how we talk about our president.

Jacinda is a regular run-of-the-mill modern-day democratic socialist. People of her kind believe that constitutions and other documents like our Bill of Rights should give way to the will of the majority. To them, these documents were things that undergirded the old systems of oppression, so being progressive and desiring the establishment of social justice, they believe they are embracing a new and better way. Some are calling these ideas the great reset, but they are just old socialism repackaged for the kids. Modern socialists are just as deluded as the old ones, but they nonetheless believe that they know the path to a better world of peace and prosperity through government control. This path would include taking control of the individual health decision for the well-being of the collective.

Are Jacinda's ideas evil? Yes. Is she acting with evil intent? I don't think so. When these ideas are being implemented, since they are so destructive, it can seem like our leaders are operating with evil intent. But to accuse her of being in with the world elite's plan to depopulate the globe through mass vaccination is Peter Lineham-esk behavior. It is wrong to impute motives full-stop, but it is especially unhelpful to our cause when many people in our country agree with the logic behind Jacinda's decisions. These decisions can make sense to some without an elaborate worldwide conspiracy.

The principle that is at play is simple.

"There is a way that seems right to a man,

but its end is the way to death."

(Proverbs 14:12)

Jacinda is spiritually blind and operation separate from the wisdom of God. She is paving a road with good intentions, but its end is death. Instead of accusing her of having wicked intent, we must show her where the implementation of her collective ideals has immorally taken away our individual rights. Her idealism must be taken down, not her character.

Edit: After speaking to a friend this weekend I realise I have overstated things here. I believe we do have grounds to expose Jacinda's character i.e. she lied when said there would be no mandates, and there was that time she said we needed a 2 week lockdown to flatten the curve. I do believe, though, it is more important that we take down her ideals so we should give most of our strength to this fight. Jacinda will one day be gone but her ideals will live on through the next generation of socialist.

Encouragements For Those Currently On The Unpopular Side

Lastly, there are reasons to be encouraged by the current state of things. Number one is that more people are learning from this difficult time that we need to test the expert's opinions. For years, Christians have believed the experts on evolution, global warming, and socialistic social policies. And in the church, we have honored the bogus interpretations of expert, liberal, Bible scholars. With the downfall of the expert, we should feel a nudge to take a sharpy to many of our commentaries.

There are true experts, but those who have expertise cannot expect us to believe that their title automatically supports their claims. Even when it is claimed that 90% of experts say this or that, we need to ask the experts to present their evidence. Experts have made a habit of making wild claims over the past 100 years, and many of them have still gone unquestioned. I'm hopeful that some of that will change and that we'll see the experts chopped back a few pegs.

The second encouragement is one that I've given before. The Lord sits in the heavens and laughs (Psalm 2), and so should we down here. I doubt that any of you were dispairing as you listened to this historian show that he is on the wrong side of history, but my encouragement is to laugh with our Lord at the futile swings of our enemies. I know they are trying to hurt us, and we experience real-world consequences for their actions, but pay attention to how pathetic they look as they try. We're supposed to laugh when we hear a full-grown man kissing ass, totally unaware of his pandering and self-flattering discourse.

God is at work, and we ought to rejoice, even in times when the wicked seem to be getting their way. If I ever become a political prisoner, I hope that you'll be doing this.

"Save, O LORD, for the godly one is gone;

for the faithful have vanished from among the children of man.

Everyone utters lies to his neighbor;

with flattering lips and a double heart they speak.

May the LORD cut off all flattering lips,

the tongue that makes great boasts,

those who say, “With our tongue we will prevail,

our lips are with us; who is master over us?”

(Psalm 12:1–4)

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Adrian Ellis
Adrian Ellis
Jan 21, 2022

Jacinda Ardern is a Klaus Schwab disciple to say she doesn't have evil intent is naive or you are a government plant. Is it a coincidence that jacinda Ardern, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau all graduated Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leaders Forum and are now all holding positions of power at the same time in History and all seemingly operating from the same play book as months apart each country follows the other down the same road even though the plan didn't work for the country further down the Covid Road than ours. We still follow the leader making the same mistakes without an original thought or change of direction from what looks like a written script. Not one has…

Jan 24, 2022
Replying to

Just to follow up: I hadn't committed to memory Klaus's name, but I did look him up and found that I had actually heard others talking about him in some videos I watched on the great reset. I actually agree with much of what you're saying about that. Many world leaders intend to bring about a great reset and are using this pandemic to advance their socialist economic ideals.

The place where we differ is whether this was all planned in order to advance their agenda. It cannot be proven that the Wuhan lab leak was intentional, though I do believe it came from the lab. It cannot be proven that the vaccine has been intentionally dispersed as a mass…


Jan 20, 2022

Peter Lineham is educated but not wise. He is supposed to be unbiased but is the opposite. He sometimes comes up with helpful statements when he catches out Jack Tame for example who knows nothing of history, but that's all. He gets wheeled out routinely on religious and political-religious matters on Newstalk ZB and is pretty damning and useless.

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